Flirting with The Domestic Goddess, instant pizza and Mr Popper’s Penguins

This post was due to be about ham but that excitement will have to wait.

I had one of those ‘must ring your sister up’ moments over the weekend where something serendipitously slots into place and you feel you have to tell someone about it. I don’t have a sister. I have therefore turned to the blog.

Let me set my stall out straight away, I under no circumstances feel that I am, nor am I likely to become, a Domestic Goddess. I’m not looking for a nomination, or seeking reassurance. Domestic Goddesses in my view, and I have come across a couple, can whip up a whole selection of recipes from memory, have all the ingredients to hand without fail and are normally doing all this despite ultra busy lives and dealing with copious amounts of kids, not necessarily their own, for tea several times a week. I imagine I could think up a few more qualifying factors but these are the ones which are relevant to today.

Here’s my little story; Child number 2 goes to primary school and our PTA organises a film club four times a year. Saturday morning saw the showing of Mr Poppers Penguins and so I dropped child 2 off and also, unusually, child 1 (who is recovering from a 4 night stint with a walk on part in his school’s production of Hamlet). Child 1’s best friend’s mum organises film club and is also a good friend of mine so I paid for the tickets and suggested I’d be back shortly, for a whispered chat in the dark, having been for a very brief run in the freezing cold. By the time I had returned, the film had barely begun so I settled down to watch (and chat) and was well and truly drawn in, it was charming and funny. I loved it. Anyway, usually at the end of any school event at least one of the kids will come up and say (if they are over 10), ‘can so and so come and hang out’, or (if under 10) ‘can so and so come round to play’. In this case it was child 1 and despite a feeling that I didn’t have anything for lunch I said yes.

Having got home I’m scratching around for something to eat, peering in the fridge and shaking the crumbs out of an otherwise empty bread bin. Then, like a flash of divine inspiration, Nigella’s Kitchen cookbook leapt out at me and the book fell open at the page detailing her recipe for crustless pizza, something I have made before. I had the eggs, salami, and cheese, I was just out of plain flour (?). At that precise moment my better half came through the door, also voicing thoughts of lunch and when I explained my enlightened plan he offered to fetch some flour from the corner shop whilst I prepared the way ahead. It all worked out beautifully, the kids loved it, it started to snow again and I cleared up with a fleeting moment of calm and a frisson of excitement like when you’ve actually eaten all the veg in that veg box.

So you see whilst not possessing Domestic Goddess status at all, for once I did get a whiff of her perfume.

N.B.I hope the recipe link works, it’s from not, you may need to click back on if the link offers you 1 cup is 250 mls or 250 grams, 2/3 cup would be around 100g, and I’d say that’s all the cheese you need too. 400ºF is 200ºC and I’ve discovered the batter mixture can be split between 2 7″ sandwich pans (not loose bottomed!). I can’t reproduce the recipe here due to copyright issues.

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