1st Blogiversary: Cake Pops top the Menu

It’s a bit of a cliché but I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. At the start, blogging more or less filled any spare time I had. January is usually a quiet month for cakes as everyone tightens their belts, financially and physically, so it seemed like the perfect moment to be pouring over the ins and outs of WordPress, picking themes and figuring out the widgets. There seemed to be a lot of explaining to do too, the posts were lengthy and full of my take on this, that and the other. As the year has worn on I seem to have got that out of my system and during busy and less busy times, the blogging frequency is adjusted accordingly and the speed it takes to write a post has dropped dramatically making for a fantastic equilibrium: part diary, part publicity, part community with followers and fellow bloggers becoming part of my social make up as I predicted it would. I love it.

The cake pops post is STILL the most popular, the original post is here. I should probably reblog or rehash it in some way, but Bakerella gives such a good tutorial on her You Tube clip that it barely seems worth repeating it. I make them regularly, but almost never as a commercial product. I haven’t particularly got into decorating them as kittens or snowmen, the standard pop sprinkled with Hundreds and Thousands seems to be attractive enough for school events or kids parties. I have gone off piste a couple of times though and these are the results:


Cake Pops made to look like truffles, but this cake needed to be ALL cake so even the truffles were cake too. In fact the popless cake pop works well as a little something to have with a cup of coffee!

At Christmas time I adapted again, for child 2’s school Christmas fair, and came up with these:


The reason the tops are pink is that you can now buy strawberry flavoured white chocolate buttons which melt beautifully. They can be used to coat the pops instead of candy melts which are a pain to work with. I think you can get orange flavour too……

The other popular posts are the unloved vegetables. I’m amazed at the reception they receive. The most popular was one about kale; of all things! It just goes to show that searching for cake ideas and what to do with left over greens are exactly what makes the internet so valuable, but anyone reading this hardly needs me to tell them that.

Cutest Cakes Abroad

So as I hinted at last week, I had an exciting time last weekend, enjoying a mini ski-ing trip to the Italian Dolomites. My ‘Running Buddy 1’ has a significant birthday looming up and so this event was used as the excuse to abandon kids and other halves and jet off for 3 nights to snowier slopes.

I can’t claim to be much of a skier, in fact I am very much a learner, but had sufficient skill to just squeeze over the minimum ability requirement to go. Of course, I was tempted as much by the sheer fact that I would be breathing Italian air as I was excited about the prospect of a bit of shupe-shupe-shuping. As usual the food (and drink) did not disappoint and as we were burning up plenty of calories we were all able to fully indulge in the pasta, pizza, grappa, plates of grilled vegetables and joy of joys Cioko Chups or yep you’ve guessed it – Cakes Pops! They just get everywhere, a global confection.

So we had lots of this:

Quite a bit of this:

Probably a little too much of this:

A boot-ful of these!:

One of these (Not a Cutest Cakes Cake but well Yummy):

I shall pause here obviously as cake is involved. This was a very elaborate creation with many layers of ultra light sponge and  crème patisserie. The edge of the cake was coated in nuts and the top decorated with fruit, glaze and chocolate icing. Very Continental and requiring much skill!

The shop this came from was also selling the Cake Pops, completely divine, melt in the mouth little biscuits like these:

and chocolate gifts shaped into a part of the anatomy that I really cannot describe here in print, but it might rhyme with ‘job’. All very bizarre, and in some quarters, extremely amusing. We never really got to the bottom (!) of what that was all about.

So tonight, back at Cutest Cakes HQ we are having Risotto for tea as I am attempting to regroup after a gorgeous weekend away with friends, and carrying a tiny bit of pride as I can finally do parallel turns and have slithered down a red run or two.

I shall print the risotto recipe we are having tonight very soon, credit for it needs to go to ‘Running Buddy 2’ and a very Happy Birthday Running Buddy 1!

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Check these pictures out. I didn’t know this was possible. Snow in the Grand Cannon. Truely a wonder of the world.

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