Help for Heroes Cake Sale – Many Thanks – £430 raised!!


First off I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who baked all these delicious cakes you can see above. The degree of assistance Running Buddy 2 and myself had in this area far exceeded our expectations. The official Help for Heroes posters billed the event as a ‘Colossal Cake Sale’ and I had been pondering to what the colossal referred. In our case it was quantity it seemed.

Generosity was in colossal supply as well. We have raised a fantastic sum and to all those who helped set up, clear up, wash up, fetch and carry, donate and ultimately consume we could not have done it without you, a truly collective effort. Thanks again.


A little bit of festive bunting


Expectant outdoor seating!


Gorgeous and delicious: cards and cakes to go


Martha’s Closet Vintage Clothing


and last but not least beautiful potted violas for sale.

And Finally,

I think if I have judged this right this post will also coincide with 1000 hits to the blog, a double celebration and what a post for such a significant hit. Here’s to all the readers who have stuck with me.

Can I offer you a slice of celebration cake. x


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