Quacking Easter Beaver Biscuits

The Cutest Cakes spent some time down at the local Beaver Colony recently decorating Easter themed biscuits. The trick here was to find an activity which would engage all concerned and only take ½ hour or so. Simplicity was definitely the key. This particular activity would work well with children of all ages and different animals can obviously be tackled, pigs, bunnies, sheep for example. Aardman-esque designs might look good!

The Beavers seemed very excited at the prospect of a bit of modelling, perhaps it was the thought of all that sugar but enthusiasm was not in short supply. As with many of these types of workshop, we began with a demonstration:

and then the Beavers ‘hatched’ a few ducklings of their own.

You will need: Some rich tea biscuits, some boiled sieved apricot jam, a pastry brush, a pastry cutter (slightly smaller than the biscuits), some white, yellow, orange and black sugarpaste, a rolling-pin and a cup with a small amount of water in it.

To make the ducks:

  • roll around 25g of yellow sugarpaste into an egg/oval shape and then flatten to some degree on the work surface you are using.
  • take around 5g of orange paste, break off a pea sized piece and set aside and roll the rest into a jelly bean shape. Again flatten on the work surface and then fold in half lengthways. Shape into the beak and stick on the head.
  • 2 petit pois sized pieces of white paste, roll into balls and flatten onto the head as eyes. Flatten the balls as part of the attachment process to the head.
  • 2 even smaller pieces of black paste can be rolled into balls and again flatten onto the white eyes as pupils.
  • finally the remaining pea sized piece of orange paste can be attached on top of the head as a quiffy bit.

To finish the biscuit:

  • using the pastry brush paint the jam onto the centre of the biscuit.
  • roll out and cut out a circle of sugarpaste and stick onto the biscuit over the jam.
  • attach the duck head

The water can be used to provide ‘damp fingers ‘ which can help the sugarpaste elements stick to each other if required. You do not want ‘wet’ fingers as this will essentially make a right mess, a little moistening of the paste can however aid the sticking process.

Well done Beavers! How very egg-citing!


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