So, the main reason for this blog is definitely personal. I have spent literally years complaining to my better half that I can’t remember the recipe I adapted last week: which author/cookbook was it from, what did I do differently, if it went awry, why?

So I am starting the New(ish) Year with a new resolution to MAKE A NOTE of these things and as we are all things screens here at the moment and more into typing than writing, here I am.

I regard cooking, baking and cake decorating as my life long passion (apart from the significant others in this house) and the only topic I feel even vaguely knowledgeable on. We’ll see if anyone else sees it the same way…

Just to be completely cheeky here’s the business link of mine


or see The Cutest Cakes Facebook page link at the side of the page.


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Details for The Cutest Cakes can be found at www.cutestcakes.co.uk or if you click the image on the side bar you will be transported there.
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