Veg Box Fruit Salad

So one of those food marriages I’d never stopped to think about until was pointed out to me by the fabulous Rachel Allen, she gives a great fruit salad recipe with a herby twist in her wonderful book on which the following is based.


Veg/fruit boxes at this time of year are groaning under the weight of a curious mixture of pears and oranges (amongst other things).

 Therefore try the following: peel and chop a pear, slice the ends and the peel and pith from a couple of oranges (stand the oranges, once the tops and bottoms have been removed, on a chopping board and using a sharp knife cut down round the orange flesh removing just the peel and pith). Remove the segments of flesh with the knife by cutting adjacent to the segment membranes. This all sounds far more complicated than it actually is. Alternatively, peel oranges, separate segments and cut each segment in half. Add to the pear, add a little fruit juice or the juice released from the cut up oranges, or both and then add a small amount of finely chopped fresh mint. Either you are lucky enough to have some in the garden, or like me you bought some for a curry a week ago and the rest of the packet is languishing in the fridge. Mix together and eat at any time of day but particularly good at breakfast.

The first time I tried this I also added grapefruit and grapes. Citrus seems to be the key here, but also tropical either juice or actual fruit.

Rachel Allen’s book is still in print (Collins, 2009), and if you hang around here long enough you will see I refer to her often. She has a fantastically, simple style often needing few ingredients to pack a punch. A true food hero of mine.


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